How to Enroll
  • Please fill a registration form online here. You can also pick up a registration form at the school.

  • Once the registration process is complete the payment process begins. A flexible payment plan is available

  • Once the registration and payment process is complete, you are given a prospectus ,uniform and polo shirt for your ward

School Resources

  • There is a bus available for transportation.

  • There is a sick bay available and a nurse on call

  • Kitchen Facilities

  • Lunch is provided

  • Remedial Classes available

  • Lunch is provided with dessert

School System

  • Oasis Montessori enrolls from 6months to five years

  • There are three terms. The first term starts from September to December. The second term starts from January to April. The last term is from April to July

  • Class starts from 8:30am

  • Children are engaged in activities until pickup


Start the registration process by registering your child online.
School Vacation
Oasis Montessori has job openings for
-Female Montessori Trained Teachers
-Female Head Teacher
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