Oasis Montessori will like to welcome you to our friendly and love filled family. We believe that children are blessings from God and as such, deserve to be cherished treasured and taken good care of. For us taking care of children is to fulfill our great commission to God and so we do it with joy and gladness.

Oasis as we all know is a well in the dessert. It has another meaning as a situation that is so different from its surrounding especially in a comforting way and that is what we stand for. We are therefore poised to offer to the children, something unique yet in a comforting and loving way.

We endeavor to give the same warmth, love and care the children experience in their homes apart from the excellent academic work we provide them.

 Simply put we are the ALTERNATIVE HOME




Pre-school is the first step in your child's academic journey which serves as the basis of all future learning. Aside from starting to learn the basics like the alphabets and numbers, pre-school teaches important social skills like how to be independent, how to share and how to follow directions.

Choosing the right school can seem like a daunting process but a lot of it is knowing what you want and what is best for your child. Oasis Montessori is a preschool with a difference

Our Core Values are ; fairness, perseverance, stewardship and fulfilling our potentials

Our Mission: Is to provide an international standard training to young children to inspire a passion for learning, develop positive attitude, skills and knowledge to prepare them for higher education.

Our Vision: To be among the most preferred early childhood schools in Ghana in the next 10 years and to become a leading higher educational institution in Ghana in the long-term.

At Oasis Montessori, we help your child to learn important things that will help them develop a strong knowledge basis needed for academic success. With these, cognitive foundation in our school your child will be more prepared to conquer the demands placed on them by higher education.

Your ward will also think of themselves as capable and independent learners.

 Teachers find it easier to teach a child who possesses a strong pre-school education background in language skills, listening, comprehension, attention management skills and positive attitude towards learning.


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