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  • Children Picture Books

JAMELA'S DRESSWritten and illustrated by Niki Daly

Mama is very pleased with the dress material she has bought for Thelma's wedding. Jamela can't resist wrapping the material around her, and before she knows it, Kwela Jamela, African Queen, that's who! Full colour picture book (Sale restricted to Ghana)
ISBN 9988-550-18-9 32pp  

A SONG FOR JAMELAWritten and illustrated by Niki Daly

It was lovely being out of the busy salon. But suddenly, a commotion broke out. It sounded as though Nelson Mandela had arrived to the sound of a thousand praise singers! Miss Bambi Chaka Chaka.. making a glamorous entrance! What happens? Get a copy of this thrilling instalment of the Jamela series.
ISBN 978-9988-647-20-9 32PP  

FATI AND THE HONEY TREEOriginal story from Osu Library Fund

First in the series - a lovely picture book about a young girl called Fati who loves honey so-o-o much but hates the bees that make them!
ISBN 9988-550-37-5 32pp  

YEBO JAMELAWritten and illustrated by Niki Daly

Yebo Jamela, is a sequel to Jamela's dress. This time round, adventurous Jamela befriends a chicken and would not sacrifice it for Christmas - no way! As expected this book has such delightful colourful illustrations no child would miss.
ISBN 9988-550-30-8 32pp  

FLY, EAGLE, FLYRetold by Christopher Gregorowski

Fly, Eagle, Fly! is a charming and innovative adaptation of a Ghanaian tale attributed to Dr. James Kwegyir Aggrey - also known as Aggrey of Africa.
ISBN 9988-550-22-7 32pp  

FATI AND THE OLDMANOriginal story from Osu Library Fund Illustrated by Therson Boadu

This time round little Fati sees an old man stealing pito. What does she do? Find out in this new Fati episode.
ISBN 9988-550-84-7 28pp  

WHERE IS JAMELA?Written and illustrated by Niki Daly

Mama has wonderful news - she has found a new job, and a new house nearby. But Jamela is not impressed. She likes her old house so much that is where she wants to stay. On the day of the move after everything and everyone were ready, Jamela was no where to be found. Where is Jamela?
ISBN 9988-550-81-2 32pp  

HI, ZOLEKA!Gcina Mhlope ,illustrated by Elizabeth Pulles

Zoleka has something on her mind. So she walks quietly with her mother and her little brother to church. Will she remember all the words of the verse she has to recite for the Palm Sunday Service?
ISBN 978-9988-647-15-8 32pp  

MIMI MYSTERYMichael D. Ambatchew, Illustrated by Edmund Opare

A little girl with an angelic voice is banned by her mother from singing in public because it is taboo in her society for a respectable female to sing in public. Find out what happens next.
ISBN 978-9988-647-96-4 40pp  

THE BLUE MARBLEWritten by Jackee Budesta Batanda

Three young girls battle out life after their mother dies and they do not want their father to marry another woman. Ajambo gets a 'lucky' marble and things begin to look much better including the much dreaded stepmother who turns out to be just the right one.
ISBN 9988-550-49-9 44pp  

FATI AND THE SOUP POTOriginal story from Osu Library Fund

This time round Fati pinches meat from the soup pot.
ISBN 978-9988-550-84-7 32pp  

FATI AND THE GREEN SNAKEOriginal story from Osu Library Fund Illustrated by Therson Boadu

Fati's adventures send her looking for firewood on the farm. As she looks for pieces of firewood, Fati's attention moves to the other things around her and she sees a beautiful green leaf, touches it and uh! It did not feel like a leaf. It was a green snake.
ISBN 9988-550-92-8 28pp