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Academic integrity conference -26/27 FEB 2014

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About ACADEMIC INTEGRITY  Conference 2014

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY - The Only Way to Safeguard the expected impact of education in the development of a nation

What is ACADEMIC INTEGRITY? How does it affect society and national development? What do we get from our investment in education if the certificates issued are based on dishonesty? Is industry capable of sustaining growth and development in the long run with a mass of ill-trained graduates? Plagiarism is an academic crime. It cannot be allowed to filter into business and industry because of its potential for undermining the fabric of the national economy. Should we all be aware of this fact? Should we be discussing it as a matter of concern?

The conference is being organized to look at these and other serious questions regarding the country's education standards.

Universities are deemed to be institutions aimed at training the mind to handle complex issues and for this reason every discipline is designed to enable the student engage in serious thinking in order to produce original content or engage in fresh thoughts or develop some fresh opinion. Unlike the lower levels of education where quite a lot of questions require structured answers, phrases such as “compare and contrast”, “critically analyze”, “measure and evaluate” etc are inserted into questions at the tertiary level to place a demand on the student to engage in research and deeper thinking. Beyond the intention to train the mind is also the hope that through research a discovery could be made about some aspect of life or a thought may cross the mind which may lead to an innovation. This is attested to by the myriad               of         things that the world enjoys as a result of research. And one may add that inventions and innovative ways known to the world which came about outside of the institutions and formal educational establishments are still products of the human mind engaged in certain ways by certain persons and groups.

All of these emphasize the importance of inculcating the habit of learning in our students to help them perform well in business and industry as well as in private lives for the development of the country. Learning Works Consult, in collaboration with Turnintin of South Africa, brings you this conference to examine fresh methods and techniques of safeguarding the integrity of our academic work. This conference is bringing together for the first time key stakeholders in academia as well as business and industry to discuss the way forward in improving learning in the country. There are also renowned educationists attending from Europe and other African Nations to provide input on the subject. This is an event that everyone within academia, business, industry and the general learning public should not miss

Please hit the link to register or contact us on our hotline telephone and ensure your participation.Be part of a solution. Be part of an improvement!

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